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Solidarity Program

With our solidarity program, we offer you all our workshop and body shop services, at a specific monthly cost. This cost is determined by the car model and covers any work done within the period that your subscription with us is valid.

Some of the factors that affect the price of the subscription are:


Vehicle type

The availability of spare parts will depend on the type of your vehicle.

Manufacturer and model

Some spare parts are easier to find and at a lower cost.

Type of engine

We have spare parts available for every type of car engine.

Availability of spare parts

Easy access to spare parts from a model still in circulation.

Solidarity Program

what is included



Fully equipped with tools and diagnostic systems, many years of experience in various car manufacturers.

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Body Shop

Body Shop

Thanks to our level of attention to detail, you will receive your vehicle in new condition, if not better.

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Our workshop has a very large variety of immediately available spare parts for many types of vehicles.

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1st Year of subscription

In the first year of the contract, you pay for the subscription and spare parts, with the labor costs being free.

2nd Year of subscription

In the second year of the contract, you only pay for the subscription, with spare parts and labor costs being covered by us.
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